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This website was last updated on Saturday 9th May 2020

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Corona Virus Announcement

Following the latest advice from the Government, Greyfriars is now closed for the foreseeable future.

All events are now cancelled as well as our Friday evening talks

To Our Greyfriars Members,

We hope you are all well and keeping your spirits up as best you can in this strange new world.

We hope you are managing to keep in touch with your many friends and families, as well as your Greyfriars friends. It is so important that we carry on supporting each other through this difficult time.

Like you, we have been in touch with a variety of people and am encouraged to hear that at the moment everyone seems well which is the best news we can share.


I do wonder what you are all doing? Gardening has been high on the list for a lot of people, and we have been enjoying some lovely spring weather since this all started and everyone's gardens are looking particularly lovely this year. We have been out for a walk or exercise nearly every day, and enjoyed seeing our surroundings gradually change as we move towards summer. We have admired the trees with their fresh new foliage, and watched the starlings squabbling on the bird feeders! So plenty to see, even in your own back yard! There has been more time for home cooking and reading too.  We have also been trying to catch up on the jobs list, but the less appealing jobs are still getting sent to the bottom of the list! I wonder whether you have tackled your lists with a greater sense of purpose!


We just want you all to know that you are not forgotten at this challenging time, and although it is hard to pinpoint a date when we can all get back together, it will happen. We will be back enjoying each others company once more, with inspiring talks and activities, once it is safe to do so.


We wish you and your families continuing good health and look forward to us all being back at Greyfriars.


Gill Thomas (Webmaster) on behalf of the Greyfriars Committee

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