Greyfriars  2019 - Our 50th Birthday Year!

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November 2019

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WHO WAS GEORGE ELIOT?                                                                            AR

Mary Anne, Mary Ann, Marian Evans, Marian Lewes, Polly, George Eliot, Mrs Cross….

Vivienne Wood,  teacher and lecturer, is the Vice Chair of the George Eliot Fellowship, and has adapted 5 of George Eliot's novels for the stage.

Through a consideration of the many names George Eliot was given or chose to use, we will explore how this young woman in the nineteenth century, from rural Nuneaton, became a world-wide literary best seller, and after Queen Victoria the richest woman in England.




THE AMAZING LIFE OF SIR HUBERT WILKINS                                                    GT

Tonight  Alan Godfrey makes a welcome return to Greyfriars to tell us about 'The Amazing Life of Sir Hubert Wilkins.'  Australian born, Sir Hubert discovered more about the Earth’s surface than any other man. Knighted by George V, he lived a life of adventure and discovery. Decorated for bravery whilst serving as a war photographer in the Australian Army,  he went on to become the first man to fly a plane in Antarctica and the first to take a submarine under the polar ice. Barely known even in his native Australia, tonight’s speaker will attempt to put the record straight through this illustrated talk.



LONDON ROAD CEMETERY                                                                                    GT 

You may have driven past London Road Cemetery on your way to work, or just cut through it on your way to town, and many of you may stroll or walk your dog in it. But how many of you realise the rich history and stories that are contained within the Cemetery? Designed by Joseph Paxton and opened in 1847, the London Road Cemetery is now regarded as one of the finest Victorian Cemeteries in the country. It is also the resting place of over 50 former Mayors of the City. Ian Woolley is the Chairman of the Friends of London Road Cemetery and tonight will share some of the fascinating stories he has researched about its incumbents.


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