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Greyfriars Programme

January 2020

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FAST FORWARD                                                                                                        SL

After a long career as an author in fields as varied as show business and space exploration, our speaker tonight, Nigel MacKnight will set off on a new course – a bold attempt on the Water World Speed Record. This compelling talk is presented in dramatic style with short video clips and even some music.



CYBERCRIME AND SCAMS                                                                        MI

Our speaker tonight, Abby Baker, is a member of the Warwickshire Police Force specialising in cyber crime. We have heard a lot of reports over the last few years of unfortunate people and companies who have lost many thousands of pounds to fraudsters. Our speaker will have many stories to tell and also let us know how to avoid being a victim.



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You can download a PDF copy of our programme here. A paper copy is also available to you at the Welcome desk.

Jan and Feb 2020