Greyfriars  2019 - Our 50th Birthday Year!

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July 2019

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HOW I BECAME A VICAR                                                                                            CJ

We again welcome the Rev Kathy Lloyd Roberts, the vicar of Temple Balsall.

Prior to becoming a vicar, the Reverend Kathy had a different career, and tonight she will tell us how that change came about.




ICARUS REBORN                                                                                                       MW

A romp through the centuries of man’s attempts to emulate the flight of birds. This is an animated, illustrated talk by Roy Smart, culminating in the tragic death of pioneer aviator, Percy Pilcher. Had it not been for this accident, he may well have flown before the Wright Brothers.



WOMEN OF COVENTRY                                                                               GT

Using research and illustrations from her new book, A History of Women’s Lives in Coventry, Dr Cathy Hunt’s talk is about the often neglected details of women’s daily lives, of their triumphs and tragedies, changes and continuities, loves and losses. She examines what it was like for women to grow up in Coventry between 1850 and 1950, to go to the city’s schools, to work in its offices, shops and factories. She explores women’s experiences of getting married, setting up home and raising children, how women spent their scarce and precious leisure time and what they sought to do in order to improve life for all.


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July and August 2019